Waves Plugins

Lately I have been purchasing some new plugins that are not included in my Diamond bundle. Some of them needs a better understanding on my part how to utilize them.

Cobolt Saphira


A harmonics distortion plugin, read more



A plugin that adds harmonic content by one octave below the fundamental frequency, the opposite of what the Waves MaxxBass does

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Scheps 73


Based on Andrew Scheps Neve 8068 console

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Waves Kramer HLS


Based on the 60s vintage Helios console

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Abbey Road Studios RS56


The Abbey Road RS56 models a passive EQ featuring three bands with four selectable center frequencies for each and six different filter types, also called "The Curve Bender"

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Abbey Road EMI TG12345


This plugin gave me the feeling of instant improvement as soon as I inserted the TG12345 on a mix bus. The controls are very easy to use and give a very audible effect in a pleasing way, read more
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